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Alphabet Hosting Success Story from Mr. Faizan Khan

Alphabet Hosting could be the place for you if you are looking for a dependable hosting provider in India. If this describes your situation, read on. Today, we will be speaking with Mr. Faizan Khan, who will educate us further on their offerings, including both their goods and their services.

You can find out more about the hosting industry by reading this fantastic interview.

Can you tell me more about the history of Alphabet Hosting? When did everything begin to go wrong?

To begin, I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this interview. Hello, my name is Faizan Khan, and I founded and currently manage Alphabet Hosting. As a web developer, it was only a matter of time before I began searching for web hosting for my customers. However, I discovered that web hosting had very expensive pricing with normally limited storage, and all of those companies provided support only in English, which was difficult given that all of their customers came from different countries.

Because of my extensive experience with Linux and Kali Linux, I was able to offer my customers the service of renting an SSD server. After that, some people suggested that I start a web hosting company. As a result, Remote 5 Worldwide MultiLanguage Support Agent 2 cyber data engineer and I had established a sole proprietorship in 2016 to launch our business.

Alphabet Hosting

Alphabet Hosting Success Story from Mr. Faizan Khan

The path to success is not an easy one, and the most difficult step along the way is to acquire those initial customers. What kinds of difficulties did you have to overcome when you first started out?

For us, everything was going smoothly until some domain infringement in 2020 forced us to change the company’s name to Alphabet Hosting. Since then, everything has gone according to plan.

Because it requires knowledge in all fields including cyber security, financial skills, web development, and everything else, the web hosting industry is very challenging for new startups. This is because the industry requires knowledge in all fields.

I am able to say that I have been prepared from the very beginning for all of the challenges, which is one of the reasons why we did not have as many problems.

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What are the fundamental principles that guide Alphabet Hosting?

The phrase “Everyone should have the Opportunity to Build a Presence Online” encapsulates our most fundamental belief, which can be understood as follows: The team at Alphabet Hosting is able to assist you in developing your presence online.
In addition to this, we brought over 5,000 and more offline businesses online. In the year 2022, Alphabet Hosting will have around 10 or more remotely qualified members working across the globe.

We offer first-rate support in more than five languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, and Hindi in addition to Russian. The beginning price for unlimited shared hosting with cPanel is only $0.49 per month, making it very affordable for anyone.

What do you think of Alphabet Hosting’s offerings, both products and services? What kinds of things are people searching for these days?

Alphabet Hosting satisfied the demand from our customers for the most powerful hosting available at a price that is reasonable by introducing an NVMe server into our infrastructure. People are very impressed with the speed at which our NVme Drives are operating now, so we moved to high-speed SSD servers and even made our reseller servers based on Turbo SSDs.

Also delicate is the subject of security, which is why we employ cyber-security professionals who watch over it around the clock.
They check the security of each and every website that belongs to one of our customers, and they keep an eye out for any accounts that cause the server to become overloaded in order to prevent any downtime or disruptions that might occur on other websites.
Up to this point, nobody has experienced any issues with the security, and all of the customers are pleased.

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During our exploration of your website, we came to the conclusion that you provide reseller hosting. Could you elaborate on it a little bit for us?

With reseller hosting, you can divide your main hosting account into multiple smaller accounts for your clients. These sub-accounts function in the same way as individual hosting accounts and are therefore suitable for hosting both personal and commercial websites. Every sub-account will come equipped with its own disk space, bandwidth, email, and control panel. Through the WHM panel, the entire reseller web hosting account can be easily managed. This includes billing and customer support.

People who are web developers or who want to start their own web hosting business can take advantage of our 100 percent white label, unlimited reseller hosting. Because we manage everything else, all you have to do is concentrate on making sales.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Starting at just $3.99 per month with Unlimited Functions and Features

There will always be a variety of clients looking for a host that can meet their specific requirements. Some clients have a better understanding of how hosting works, while others have no idea what they’re talking about. How do you deal with each of these different types of customers?

We communicate with them in their mother tongue, give them a live demonstration, and instruct them in the use of screen sharing software such as Anydesk.

We inquire with our resellers as to whether or not they are able to carry out the setup. We only find a very small number of users who are unable to do it because they are inexperienced in the web hosting industry, and for those users, we set up the configuration for them.
After all, we perform a complete setup of their domains, and Cpanel is configured so that users are aware of where to go and how to use it.

Can you tell me about the different markets that you are currently covering? Have you given any thought to expanding into additional markets as well?

We have plans to develop our very own Web hosting automation Billing Software, which will be included at no additional cost with any of our reseller plans. This software will allow resellers to fully automate their businesses. In our opinion, this will make things simpler for newly established businesses as well as those who are just beginning their careers in the hosting industry.

In your opinion, which of the features offered by a web hosting service should be prioritized the most? Customers most frequently inquire about both their privacy and the speed of our services. They are saying things like, how can we trust that the pricing for your service is so low?

We give them our word that their data will be secure and that the speed will be very good because we use Cloudlinux /imunify360 for all of our servers. This provides Network Level DDOS protection as well as Malware protection, and our Dedicated Staff Monitoring Server ensures that any problems are immediately resolved in the event of an attack.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, two years have passed. How has this pandemic impacted your company’s operations? Are there any alterations that come after this?

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we had run into some difficulties due to a lack of support staff, but we had made preparations to use remote support in the event that we required it during peak times.

We have made it easier for our customers to afford a web hosting service by providing additional discounts for renewals or new purchases whenever there is a lockdown. These discounts have been given to our customers whenever there is a lockdown.

Which technologies are you looking forward to seeing on the market in the not-too-distant future that will make a difference in the hosting industry?

In light of my observations, the popularity of cloud hosting appears to be growing.

The world is gradually transitioning away from relying solely on physical data centers and instead beginning to transition to cloud computing. According to a number of forecasts, the global market for public cloud services is expected to reach a value of $338.8 billion in 2021.

If everyone is able to comprehend the idea of cloud hosting, then in the not-too-distant future, all datacenters will transition to the cloud in response to the proliferation of online businesses that occurred after the Covid Pandemic. There is no question that the price will, in turn, go up a little bit, but rest assured that everything will be readjusted as time goes on. To wrap things up, I was wondering if there was anything else you could tell us about your company that we had overlooked.

Alphabet Hosting thrilled to offer unlimited hosting accompanied by the industry’s best support. We are not solely concerned with monetary gain. Simply put, we want every business to have an online presence. Because of this, our credo is that “Everyone should have the Opportunity to Build a Presence Online.”

For Reseller: We assist new businesses that are just getting their feet wet in the hosting industry and would like to start making money by selling their own branded web hosting services.

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