bpw.sc (BulletProof Hosting) bulletproof-web.ru Honest Reviews by 256 Users & Expert Opinion 2022

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Since 2009, when bpw.sc was first formally established in an offshore financial district of the Seychelles Islands, our BulletProof Hosting business has been operating successfully.

Since day one, we have taken every precaution to defend our clients’ websites against any and all attacks and claims. Because of our company policy, combined with our years of experience, high level of technical professionalism, and tried-and-true arrangements with data centers, we can guarantee that all of the data stored on our servers is fully protected against interference from authorities, obnoxious right holders, and organizations such as Spamhaus.

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Maintaining our clients’ rights to full freedom of information and independence is a primary focus of our work, and the majority of our efforts are directed toward providing reliable hosting that is impenetrable to any form of intrusion.

Because the internet is one of the few places where freedom still exists, we regard it as a valuable resource and strive to protect it.

We disseminate information on reputable platforms in the countries of the European Union, China, Russia, and Ukraine. There is sufficient space on the internet to accommodate yet another venture, and we are ready to make that space available to you.

Over the course of the past five years, our group has been actively engaged in the field of bulletproof hosting. During this time, we have dealt with the most difficult problems, provided our services to the widest range of clients, and worked with the most dependable partners. We would now like to gain even more experience with your assistance so we can better serve our clients.


Use the coupon code NICETOMEETYOU to receive a discount of 35% on bulletproof servers and VPS in any of the locations that are being considered. The promotional code is good until the end of the month of March and can be applied to the initial payment period (one or three months).


At checkout, if you enter the coupon code NICETOMEETYOU, you will receive a discount that will allow you to evaluate our servers.

bpw.sc - BulletProof Hosting

BulletProof Hosting Overview
The list that follows includes incredibly condensed responses to all of the questions that were presented earlier. In the event that you take the time to read this BulletProof Hosting review in its entirety, you will come across a number of supplementary and extremely important pieces of information.

bulletproof-web.ru Honest Reviews by 256 Users & Expert Opinion 2022

  • Initial Uniform Resource Locator: https://bulletproof-web.ru/ (Old-Functional)
  • The new web address is https://bpw.sc (New)
  • Servers located in the following countries: the Netherlands, Ukraine, Sweden, Moldova, and Russia
  • Bitcoin, in addition to traditional monetary units
  • The most affordable option is $235.00 (USD) per month.
  • VPS and dedicated servers are available.
  • Ignoring the DMCA: Yes
  • The AUP contains a list of content that is prohibited on the site.

Scam not recommended by TrustPilot:

We do not recommend BulletProof Hosting by bpw.sc. There are quite a few people who talk about their anonymous or offshore hosting/domain provider on the forums; however, you should not place your trust in these individuals. I have paid for the domain, but icann has blocked it. When I asked support why the DNS doesn’t change, etc., they told me that I need to provide proof of my real identity by submitting documents and identification.

Therefore, I was defrauded out of forty-five dollars’ worth of bitcoin because the company claimed to provide offshore and anonymous payment options. Fraudsters, I have nothing else to say.

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We are able to maintain uptime indicators of up to 100 percent, which is on par with what is known as “white hosting,” thanks to the accumulated experience and professionalism of our colleagues. The fact that we work together with well-known manufacturers of hardware, such as CiscoTM, Juniper®, HP®, Supermicro®, DELLTM, Intel®, EmersonTM, and APC®, makes this process significantly simpler.


Because BulletProof Hosting by bpw.sc do not enter into contracts with our customers and we do not store any of our customers’ personal information, we do not need to know who you are. Bitcoin, Paymeer by Webmoney, and payment terminals are all examples of anonymous payment methods that can be utilized when making a purchase.


There are very few of them, but some do exist. We limit ourselves to complying with the standards set forth by professional ethics, general human morality, and the laws of the nations in which our equipment is stationed.

Due to these concerns, we are unable to support:

  • email spam
  • any and all types of deception
  • pornography of children
  • both fascism and terrorist activity
  • violence

any behavior that would be considered illegal in the countries where our equipment is stationed.