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Web hosting provider (hostiman) offers an extensive range of services to its tens of thousands of Russian clients. They offer services of the highest quality to both novices and seasoned professionals alike.

The focus is on free and low-cost services, but it is difficult to obtain a free service because you are required to take a photo of yourself using your passport, join a VK group and give it a like, and then create a ticket to use the hosting for activation and pass verification. To avoid all of these actions, it is much simpler to pay a small amount (starting at 30 rubles per month), which can be done. Servers can be found in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Europe, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, France, and Poland.

Beginners will be able to get their hands on a website builder that has been made to a high standard, and there is a wide range of options available for large professional websites as well. However, inexperienced users may become perplexed by the multi-layered control panel and make mistakes, which may cause the account to be blocked. legit or a scam? – Honest Reviews with Expert Opinion 2022

Essential Components Of The following components make up the HostiMan base set:

  • CloudLinux web hosting with shared space.
  • VPS / VDS on CloudLinux or Linux.
  • Dedicated servers located in 10 different nations.
  • Free hostiman VPS/VDS.
  • Free hosting of a virtual domain.

The system is fairly adaptable, and you are free to select the combination of services that best suits your needs; however, free services are never provided unless specifically authorized by the administration and only after certain criteria have been satisfied.

Further services available, The following are additional examples:

  • Site builder.
  • Free SSL certificate that can be used with HTTPS.
  • The registration of a domain name.
  • administration for a supplementary cost.
  • In addition, there are always new promotions available for users to take advantage of.
  • Free trial period as well as hosting

The trial period for shared hosting is 30 days, and the trial period for VPS and VDS servers is 14 days; however, obtaining the trial period is not simple. In order to qualify for a free trial period and free hosting, hostiman has a number of requirements, including the following:

  • Check the list of prohibited items (reasonable requirement).
  • Register.
  • Place an order for a trial service.
  • Take a picture of the documents, such as a passport, against the background of the website that is currently open on the screen.
  • Compose a note and send it to the sales department (add this photo and describe the purpose of creating the site).

Those who pay for domain registration do not need to follow any of these rituals in order to begin their trial period; it is automatically enabled for them. However, obtaining it for free will be extremely challenging due to the fact that the administration maintains the right to decline at any time without providing an explanation.

hostiman is an excellent web hosting service for novice users and those who do not require anything particularly specialized. The standard offering, which consists of a fundamental group of services and allows you to arrange everything that you require. However, the level of communication with customers in terms of courtesy in case of problems sometimes leaves much to be desired. I am satisfied with the support for the most recent versions of the most common languages and technologies used for web development.

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