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Posted on is an employee-owned company that is run by a small team with decades of combined experience working in the web-hosting industry and businesses closely related to it. Despite the fact that each of us comes from a unique history and has specialized knowledge in a different field within the industry, we all have a common goal of safeguarding the fundamental human right to freedom of expression, maintaining a firm belief in the significance of confidentiality in the era of modern digital technology, and delivering rock-solid services. Because we are a company that is owned by its employees, we are all extremely motivated and determined to deliver a service that is of high quality and results in a high degree of satisfaction for our clients. Honest Reviews

Specifics of the Company

In the interest of full disclosure, the information regarding our business and how to reach us can be found below. Email is our preferred method of communication for any and all matters. The location of our public PGP encryption key can be found here for individuals who would rather keep things to themselves. You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will typically respond to you within an hour or two.


  • IncogNET LLC/incognet is the official name of the business.
  • Registration Date: 04/21/2021 (Previously operating in limited capacity as Incog.Host since November of 2020)
  • The address of the company is as follows: 30 North Gould Street, Suite 4000, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
  • The business number is 1-307-201-2591, and we are also reachable through Telegram.
  • Email for commercial inquiries: business [at] incognet [dot] io Honest Reviews by 128 Users & Expert Opinion 2022

Curtis, a guy, is the one who first came up with the idea for incognet. He is a busy individual who believes that the right to privacy online and the right to freedom of speech are important human rights. Additionally, he has a lot of years of experience working in the web hosting industry in a variety of capacities. When he finds himself in need of a vacation from the digital world, he disconnects by going on multi-day hiking trips or simply doing whatever he can to spend time outside and reconnect with nature. Aside from that, some of my other passions are minimalistic off-grid living, music, and technology, as well as alternative and environmentally friendly architecture, construction, and design. His “long distance hiking triple crown” will be earned when he completes thru-hikes of the three major American long-trails: the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail, which have a combined distance of approximately 8,000 miles. This is a personal goal of his that is unrelated to his professional life.

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The Roadmap and Future Plans of

  • We are in the process of conducting testing with a provider situated in Dallas, Texas, and by the end of this year, we hope to be able to offer KVM Virtual Servers out of Texas in addition to our Shared Hosting service.
  • We are seeking for a new upstream in Finland as a result of a significant increase in the cost of IPv4 from Hetzner. As a direct consequence of this, the available stock in Finland is restricted to just larger plans. We are going to look for a DC where we can immediately colocate privately held equipment. There is currently no estimated delivery time available.
  • In order to provide shared hosting customers with the option to have their websites mirrored via Tor and I2P, we will be incorporating Yggdrasil Network mirroring into the offering. Although I have only conducted a few tests on it so far, I can confirm that it is functional.
  • Several updates to our anycast DNS over Tor configuration, which is utilized by the VPN network. This is being done so that the setup’s capacity and capabilities can be increased. The VPN service is presently unavailable until the upgrade is finished being developed.
  • Domain names that come with WHMCS’s built-in DNS control capabilities. Under one roof, you’ll find both private registration and DNS administration. ETA, either later this year or early the following year.