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Truth Behind ipvolume.net (IP Volume Inc) Previously known as Quasi Network Ltd Secret Revealed

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They is one that provides a high bandwidth. We are able to fulfill any requirements thanks to our external network capacity of more than 3 TB/s. Please report any instances of abuse by emailing [email protected]. Following a little bit of investigation, I discovered that they were formerly known as “Quasi Network Ltd.”

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ipvolume.net (IP Volume Inc)

Truth Behind (IP Volume Inc) Previously known as Quasi Network Ltd Secret Revealed

Abuse Policy:

IP Volume and its affiliates are respectful of the law and reserve the right to immediately disable access to any IP address if that address does not comply with the company’s policies, which are as follows:

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Any form of Bulletproof Hosting is expressly forbidden by our company.

– Bulletproof Hosting
– Childporn/CSAM content (see https://childporn.report)
– Ddos attacks
– Brute force attacks
– Malware / Ransomware / Spyware (We use Shadowserver reports)
– Spam (We fight against spam with spamhaus.net)
– Phishing

Monitoring is handled through the use of Shadowserver.

Quasi Network Ltd - ipvolume.net

Authorities: When law enforcement presents us with an official document requesting information about a customer, we will comply with their request and help them with their investigation.


Some one Wrote from lowendtalk:

They are Ecatel, the company that is filling up up the internet with their abusive content and Reinier van Eeden is the one in charge of it. Quasi Networks Ltd, FiberXpress BV, REBA Communications BV, Novogara Ltd, DataOne BV, Alsycon BV, and Incrediserve Ltd are some of the subcompanies and subsidiaries that they operate.

In point of fact, there is a hoster here on LET that is not owned by Reinier that uses the same registered office and is also getting transit from “Ecatel,” but I won’t name them. The hoster’s name will remain anonymous. Choice involving a strange business: smile:

We just filter out any and all traffic that originates from their ASNs.