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NexusBytes is a web hosting company that was founded in the year 2016 and is privately owned. Middletown, which is located in the state of Connecticut in the United States, serves as the location of our primary office, and the state of Connecticut is where we have formally established ourselves as a company. Additionally, Nexus Bytes LLC is a firm believer in the value of diversity. We provide three different languages for our customer service department: English, Chinese, and Spanish. There are some people for whom English is not their native language, and you could find it much simpler to ask for assistance in a language that is more familiar to you. As Nexus Bytes continues to expand, we plan to continue expanding our customer service support to more languages in order to provide you with an experience that is even more tailored to your needs. Hosting Secret Revealed Hosting Secret Revealed and Expert Opinion 2022

At nexusbytes LLC, we do not refer to our clients as customers but rather as family members. We are committed to offering the highest possible level of customer service and enjoyment and we are proud of the work we do in this area. Don’t put it off any longer; become a member of the Nexus Bytes Family right away to discover out what makes us so special. Nexus Bytes LLC was established by a group of information technology professionals who met frequently for coffee to discuss ways to revitalize the web hosting and server management industries (MWHASMGA). The NexusBytes mission was conceived of after several days of laborious deliberation. Nexus Bytes strives to provide Web hosting and VPS services that are both affordable and sustainable. At the same time, we provide rock solid stable servers with customer service that treats you as a member of the family rather than another number who needs to be dealt with. This is guided by our mission, and it is one of our primary goals. Our service creed is something that all of our customer service representatives uphold:

“We will do everything in our power to meet your expectations, provided that doing so does not involve doing something that is either unreasonable, illegal, or technically impossible.” review

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1) Availability, my servers have not seen any downtime in recent months. It was only because of my actions that the server had to be restarted. I had a lot of concerns going into this stage (because to the fact that I’ve worked with a lot of different providers in the past, and they’ve caused my service to become unavailable on multiple occasions, and sometimes for extended periods of time), but I’m really happy with it now. Nexus is the way to go if you want to ensure that your service is uninterrupted. Nexus now provides the best uptime, second only to DO, out of all the providers I have used in the past and still use today (and DO is VERY expensive compared to Nexus). And at this point, I’m seriously considering switching whatever I still have in DO over to Nexus instead.

2) In terms of performance, every single one of the servers that I was given was rock solid. Exceptional Ryzen cores, along with quick memory. Keep in mind that the cores of my server are shared rather than dedicated (they do have another tier that offers dedicated ryzen cores, and I’ll definitely be testing it out in the near future). Since it is beneficial for my service to have a very large number of cores so that the workload may be distributed across them, I opted for the 8 vCore plan. And oh my god, that was the greatest thing that ever existed. When you combine that with the previously mentioned high level of uptime, you have the perfect server.

3) Prices, Nexus’ tiers are actually rather affordable, especially considering how reliable the service is and how well it performs (this is in addition to the excellent customer service). When compared to Nexus, the pricing offered by other providers for more cores, more memory, and more storage space are significantly lower. But you may take my word for it when I say that they are worthless. You may view NexusByte’s costs by going to the premium virtual private server (VPS) page on their website. There, you will see exactly what I am speaking about.
PS: they have recently added a new tier that is referred to as “Budget KVM VPS.” Check it out if you are interested in purchasing items at an even lower cost. My own experience with them is limited at this point.

4) Locations: Germany, United Kingdom (London), and the United States (NYCM, LA, MIAMI, UTAH). You can get your hands on the good stuff no matter where you happen to be. I don’t know what else could make that more awesome than it already is. By the way, due to the nature of my service and the incredible connectivity in those locations, my servers are currently located in New York City and Miami. When I am in need of other venues, you can be sure that I will give them some thought. In point of fact, the review of NexusBytes that I came across on LET had some positive things to say about the European sites.

5) Support, The very greatest help I’ve ever gotten from any provider in all of my years of dealing with them. Instant response, and it was quite useful. They even assisted me with a severe problem I was having with my network, despite the fact that the issue ultimately had nothing to do with them. They addressed each and every one of my concerns before I ever tried out their product. They were quite helpful to me despite the fact that I was having problems with the payment on my end. They even assisted me when I contacted out on a different site, which is hilarious. I truly wish I could say more about their Support, but I’m concerned that it will come off as biased. However, in all seriousness, they really value their customers. And after you give them a shot, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.