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Privacy is a fundamental principle of democracy, and believe that everyone should be able to remain anonymous. As a result of Njalla inability to locate a domain name service that met our needs, we created Njalla. We value our privacy, so it must be easy to use and flexible to accommodate our changing needs.

Njalla Honest Reviews

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In our system, for example, we can register a domain name with our own data when you do so. We will be the registrant of the domain, not a third-party owner like all other domain registries. The domain name, on the other hand, will remain under your complete control. You have the option of using our data (and nameservers) or your own. Then there’s the fact that you can leave at any time. Convenient and pliable

Honest Reviews by 23 Users & Expert Opinion 2022

In addition to domain names, we now offer servers and virtual private networks (VPNs) (and more things coming). Instances where we couldn’t find anyone else who we could trust to run them and where we felt we could make a difference. We’ve had cat pictures, revolutions, and leak sites running on our computers. Mattering factors.

Njalla’s goal is to keep you hidden from the general public if that is what you desire. We’re not going to hand over your customer information without a fight. But if there are legal merits to any government requests to our system, we will help. We reserve the right to terminate your account if your actions endanger the health or safety of others.

Others will boast about their customer base. We take pride in the fact that we never reveal the identities of our clients. This is something we’ve been doing in various forms for decades. In addition, there is a well-established track record and reputation to consider.

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That’s a good question, Njalla. This type of traditional storage hut, or cache, is built on top of a tree stump or pole in order to keep animals from getting their hands on the contents. njalla (typically food or other perishables).
The word refers to the traditional Sámi method of keeping unwanted animals away from the things you value.