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Novogara.Com Know the Secret of Hosting Success – Honest Review

The Netherlands is home to the corporate headquarters of Novogara, which can be found in Amsterdam. Large companies and websites that require their own servers can take advantage of the company’s services, which are tailored to meet their needs. Customers from all over the world can get dedicated servers and reseller servers from the company’s servers in Amsterdam, which are located in the Netherlands. The only language supported on its website is English.

Functionality and Ease of Operation

If you searched for Novogara because you want to host your small website or online store, you are looking for the wrong host because this company does not offer shared hosting for these purposes. If you want to host your small website or online store, you should look elsewhere. Instead, it provides dedicated servers, streaming servers, and reseller servers for customers to choose from. The following is a list of some of its characteristics:

  • 99.99 percent uptime guarantee
  • Intel Xeon processors
  • One to four IP addresses that are always used.


If you are new to web hosting or have never managed a server before, you will find that it is extremely challenging to manage your server if you go with this particular provider. This is due to the fact that all of its servers are unmanaged; rather than the company, the clients are in charge of managing the servers, while the company is responsible for managing the network connection and the physical equipment. The software that comes from the operating system is under your control.

offshore hosting

This indicates that you will need to install the operating system on your computer. Alternately, the company will assist you with the process if the operating system that you wish to install is one of the following: CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, or VMWare ESXI. You will then be able to make your selection before the checkout process, at which point your server will be provisioned with the operating system of your choosing.

Novogara.Com Know the Secret of Hosting Success – Honest Review

Despite the fact that it is an unmanaged server, Novogara guarantees that you will be protected at all times by employing a number of different security measures. There is defense against significant distributed denial of service attacks. The backbone of the system is protected from these types of attacks: NTP, SSDP, and DNS amplification. You should be aware that it does not protect against small DDoS attacks, so you will be responsible for managing those on your own.

Streaming services can be provided using the servers provided by Novogara; however, you will need to have a takedown tool available. If for any reason you run into problems with your copyright, the company runs a tight ship and anticipates that the content will be removed within a maximum of twenty minutes. You won’t be able to continue using the servers for streaming if it determines that you aren’t employing a takedown tool.

Costs and Maintenance are Included

It is not reasonable to anticipate that dedicated servers will be available for the cost of a single cup of coffee, as is the case with some shared servers. Nevertheless, there is a price point at which it would be unreasonable for the provider to charge more for particular features if they charged more than that. The prices of Novogara’s servers are kept at a level that is both reasonable and consistent.

The payment schedule provided by the vendor includes monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual options. There is a fee associated with the set-up, but it is not an excessively high one. You have the option of paying with either PayPal or bank deposits or transfers. After making a payment, you can anticipate receiving your server anywhere from 60 minutes to 48 hours after placing an order for one of the plans listed on the website.

Novogara doesn’t provide refunds on “delivered” services. This means that you are not eligible for a refund if the server was provided to you but you were unhappy with the service that was provided to you. In the event that, despite having paid for your server, it was not provisioned, you are eligible to receive a refund.

Support for customers is offered over the phone, via email, and through an online ticketing system. I sent an email but unfortunately, didn’t get a response.

Customers who are familiar with the specifics of managing a dedicated server and who want to host a website or application that is resource-intensive are the ideal candidates for Novogara. It offers reasonable prices overall. Regrettably, there is no live chat option, and the service is not tailored to the needs of small businesses.

Protection against large-scale distributed denial of service attacks Pros

  • Server costs that are not prohibitive
  • Provides phone support
  • Multiple operating systems are supported. Limitations.
  • Does not provide shared hosting options.
  • There is not a free plan offered.
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