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OffshoreDedi Honest Reviews by 76 Users & Expert Opinion 2022

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OffshoreDedi offers hosting that is fully compliant with the DMCA in no way, shape, or form. The most reliable and inexpensive hosting service available offshore, complete with Cpanel and other features. Your problems can always be solved by technical support that responds in a flash whenever you need help.

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We are a web hosting service based in Belize, and we support free speech online. Our goal is to make it possible for people all over the world to publish their thoughts openly and without fear of being threatened or silenced in accordance with their beliefs. People who are concerned about their privacy and the safety of their personal information are exactly the target audience for the services that we provide. We have been expanding at a breakneck pace to become one of the most reputable web hosting companies in the entire world.

OffshoreDedi Honest Reviews

Functionality and Ease of Operation

Shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, WordPress hosting, and streaming servers are some of the hosting options that OffshoreDedi offers. The following fundamental capabilities are included in all of their shared hosting plans by default:

  • 99.99 percent uptime
  • Between 5 and 20 gigabytes of available storage space.
  • Add-on domains can range from one to ten.
  • DMCA Ignore
  • traffic on a website that is not metered.

OffshoreDedi’s DMCA Ignore policy is, without a doubt, the feature that sets it apart from other domain registrars the most. In a nutshell, DMCA Ignored hosting denotes that your web host will disregard any and all notices of copyright infringement and DMCA takedown requests that it receives.

OffshoreDedi Honest Reviews by 76 Users & Expert Opinion 2022

Instead of complying with the copyright laws of the United States, OffshoreDedi will only comply with the laws of the countries in which their servers are located. Those who are interested in increased freedom of expression may find this to be a viable option; however, it should be noted that this method is not completely foolproof, and you will still be required to comply with their Terms of Use. OffshoreDedi guarantees that they will never reveal their customers’ identities to third parties.

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Despite the fact that they promise an uptime of 99.99 percent of the time, there does not appear to be a Service Level Agreement anywhere on their website to back up this claim. In addition, clients of shared hosting do have access to unlimited traffic; however, it is important to note that each account is limited to using no more than 25 percent of the server’s system resources for a period of no more than two minutes at a time. In order to be fair to the other users who are sharing the server, this is pretty standard procedure for shared servers.

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Putting all of this to the side, they do have some appealing qualities. To begin, they offer four different offshore locations for customers to choose from. In addition to that, they support the PHP 7.1 version, IPv6 addresses, and sophisticated scripting languages like Ruby on Rails, Python, and Perl. In addition to this, each of their packages includes the Softaculous application installer as well as the Attracta SEO tools.

What Makes Us Different

We have had previous experience that has taught us how challenging it can be to locate a reliable web hosting provider. As a result, we have the desire to create things in a manner distinct from that of our contemporaries. Respect for both customers and coworkers is a cornerstone of the OffshoreDedi culture, and we never fail to deliver on our commitments. We never make use of old or unsupported versions of software, and our policies regarding the lifecycle of hardware are very stringent. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is included with each and every one of our services.

Costs and Maintenance are Included

They have four different shared hosting plans available, and they go by the names Ninja, Ronin, Samurai, and Shogan. The plans start with a base package that includes 5 GB of storage and one add-on domain and go all the way up to the highest-tier package that includes 20 GB of storage and ten add-on domains. The prices are well within the average range for the market, which is a plus when taking into consideration the additional benefit of anonymity that they offer.

There are monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans available for purchase in the marketplace. Users who subscribe for a longer period of time are eligible for significant price reductions. Domain registration, SSL certificates, and dedicated IP addresses are all extras that can be purchased on a case-by-case basis during the checkout process. They promise to keep the price unchanged but have a firm stance against offering refunds.

They offer support for customers via email, live chat, telephone, and Skype. Additionally, customers can call them. They offer support for server-related and CMS-related issues around the clock. On the surface, everything appears to be in order, but despite my best efforts, I was never able to connect with them via live chat, which is a shame given how often I attempted to do so. Unfortunately, although they do provide a few tutorials, their customer support was subpar in general, despite the fact that some tutorials are available.