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Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms 2019[WordPress Alternatives]

If you wish to know different alternate options of WordPress then this text is for you. WordPress
is the perfect content material administration system or we will running a blog platform. WordPress is essentially the most
broadly used content material administration platform kind everywhere in the world.
WordPress is the simplest {and professional} running a blog platform you may ever get. The
motive why WordPress may be very widespread as a result of it helps many languages and has tons of
plugins. Other than this all, WordPress may be setup on a customized area & internet hosting and the
finest internet hosting suggestion we now have for you is Cloudways Internet hosting.
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The plugins are like apps for smartphones so that you don’t should code something. There will probably be
some app for the duty you wish to carry out in your weblog. such as you wish to add social share
buttons, subscribe button or web optimization skilled. Then you are able to do it in minutes.
Aside from tens of millions of plugins, the interface of WordPress is designed quite simple. in order that
folks don’t should face any problem whereas managing their weblog. they [provide easy to
interfaces and buttons for making the task easier.
WordPress is also designed SEO friendly and it can be boosted to get faster by installing

some cache plugins. WordPress has a great security feature that keeps you safe from
intruders and hackers.
WordPress is best supported by Cloudways hosting. Cloudways hosting is the best suitable
web hosting that gives powerful WordPress services. in Cloudways you don’t worry about
installing the WordPress, with the help of WordPress installer you can install it in seconds.
That is why WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. however, it is not alone in the
market. there are many blogging platforms like WordPress providing blogging facilities and
support. They also provide some unique features that WordPress cant. So today we are
going to explore the WordPress alternatives in the market.
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Top 5 Blogging Platforms

  1. Blogger

Blogger is the best platform for blogging. it is powered by Google company. So, there is no
doubt in the service and you don’t have to worry about the platform. blogger is used for

creating blogs and hosting on the blogger servers.
Blogger offers free hosting and you can also host your domain here for free. the platform is
generally for learning purpose because they provide only the basic services.
However, bloggers allow you to put adds on your blog so that you can earn some money
from the advertisements. Blogger also provides a free domain with the

extension. So anyone who wants to create a free blog can do in the blogger.
The interface of the blogger is very simple and user-friendly. even a school kid can have a
blog in blogger and they can earn from it or learn.
However, bloggers have some limitations like you don’t have extra functionality like plugins
for providing extra features and functionality to the blog. if you want some features in the

blog then you have to code it.
So, a blogger is best for beginners and small business. They can easily migrate to other
platforms for advanced features.

    Wix is an online website builder platform that allows you to build your website. WIX has
    become the fastest growing blogging platform due to its unique features like website
    builder with drag and drops feature. The drag and drop feature allows anyone to customize
    or build their dream website as they want.
    Wix has become the best alternative for WordPress because they provide simple and
    advance features for blogging. they offer free web hosting and they’re a subdomain with the extension.
    For those who want to learn and build their blog for free. Wix is the best platform that
    offers free blog hosting along with domain or you can add your custom domain.
    Wix offers very user-friendly interfaces and features that allow the user to do all the task
    easier and they easily manage the blog content in real-time edit.
  2. Medium
    Medium is a blogging website that allows anyone to become a writer on their website. it is
    the best platform for those who only want to write blogs and don’t want to host a website
    and domain.

Medium is the most popular blogging platform with millions of daily traffic. there are
different types of niches available to write. So if anyone wants to write on a particular niche
they can easily write on their favorite topic.
Medium has become the best blogging platform for bloggers who don’t want to own a
website and take the stress of the website. so they can easily signup on the medium and
they can start posting their blog post.
With a million of active users on the Medium, the chances of getting your content viral are
high. Many readers are interested in your blogs and they will appreciate you for the

  1. Tumblr
    Tumblr is the another best blogging platform that offers free blogs. Tumblr allows you to
    create your blog for free and you can easily share pictures, short contents and anything you
    Tumblr is very simple to use and it is very easy to set up. You can post a small-sized blog post that
    can get read by millions of users. Tumblr has hosted around 400 million blogs and the number is still
    However, just like a blogger, there is growth limitation. You don’t have a ton of opportunity to grow
    in the blogging field. it is only suitable for the small blog post and long blog post is not possible to
    post. So it is the major disadvantage of Tumbler. But still, it deserves to be on the list of top 5 best
    blogging platforms.
  2. Weebly
    Just like Wix, Weebly is a drag and drop platform for building websites. Weebly is a great
    platform for blogging if you don’t want to get into coding. Weebly’s drag and drop feature
    help you to build your custom blog for free.
    Weebly comes with different types of free and paid plans, the most basic is free. however,
    in the free version, there will be some ads by Weebly on your blog and if you want to get rid
    of ads then buy a paid plan.
    The interface is very simple and it doesn’t require a technical person to build a blog here.
    Anyone can do it in few minutes. however, there is some limitation to the features in the
    There are some limitations on adding features to your blog, but still, it is good for learning
    the purpose and creating small blogs.
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