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After conducting some preliminary research in advance of the interview, we found out that Virtual Systems ( has been available to consumers since 2009. Could you enlighten us on the background of your company and the circumstances that led to its establishment?

In the beginning, business was established in the year 2009. Our very first website offered a service to protect against distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), and its domain name was

In 2009 and 2010, there were only a handful of hosting companies that provided adequate protection against volumetric distributed denial of service attacks. This was due to the necessity of a substantial amount of bandwidth as well as the capacity to screen out potentially harmful data.

However, as a result of requests from our customers, protected servers were in high demand, and this prompted us to come up with the concept of protected hosting in the year 2010. ( By the year 2019, it had been renamed

Virtual Systems ( primary focus has been on Ukraine up until the very end of 2019, after which we successfully expanded into continental Europe, specifically the Netherlands and Amsterdam. In particular, Amsterdam has been a key market for us. This was the very first step of our international expansion, as other locations and brand-new and exciting products are currently in the process of being added to our catalog.

Interview Mr. Kirill from Virtual Systems

Many newly established businesses are confronted with obstacles that need to be overcome. What kind of reaction did Virtual Systems get to that? What were some of the difficulties you encountered when you first started out?

Some people learn from their errors and from their experiences, but our team is happy to share their experiences with those who are interested in avoiding potential pitfalls, which makes life easier for our customers. In particular, we base the provision of our services on the positives and negatives of our own experiences as business owners, neither of which were easy. Virtual Systems ( had to start completely from scratch, using our personal savings while simultaneously working in another capacity to make ends meet. That presented a significant obstacle, which significantly slowed down the progress we made.

Virtual Systems have to own up to the fact that we were clueless about how to properly build the team and get deeply involved in marketing. Learning how to construct processes required a significant investment of time and energy. Despite this, we have developed the ability to scale and launch new products.

Interview Mr. Kirill from Virtual Systems ( – Know the Secret of Hosting Business Success

Work done collaboratively and by a company’s core group of employees is the single most important factor in the success of any business. To what extent does the mission of Virtual Systems and its core values serve as the primary motivating factors for the members of your team?

The name of our group is The Team. Our employees are well aware that the company acknowledges their accomplishments and places a high value on success. This provides an additional source of motivation, which is reflected in the end product that is provided to our customers.

A personal favorite is “under-promise & overdeliver.” To all of our customers and business partners, we view it as our mission to make fewer promises while at the same time fulfilling more of their needs. In point of fact, this might come as a surprise after the sale, but it unquestionably enhances both our reputation and the way we conduct business in general. This vision is also shared at all levels of the Virtual Systems team, which helps to ensure that everyone contributes as much as they are able to.

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If we are talking about business strategies, we like to follow a somewhat unique combination of several different ones. The first step is to look for novel service propositions while simultaneously adjusting our course to head toward uncontested “blue ocean” territory. The second is keeping up with current trends occurring all over the world in the hosting industry. Third is taking action based on the feedback received from existing customers. In addition, we never lose sight of the return on investment (ROI) when conducting business.

Our daily routine at the office is by no means dull; we always eat lunch together, organize gaming tournaments on the weekends, take part in sporting events (yachting), and even share news and ideas in a channel that is specifically designated for that purpose. The phrase “take a chill pill” refers to something that we do frequently.

Let’s discuss the goods and services that your company is currently providing for customers. Are you able to provide us with specific information about them?

Our approach to customization is distinctive and centered entirely on the satisfaction of the customer. Both dedicated servers and virtual private servers (VPS) offer a selection of customizable solutions and low-cost channel options. Importantly, we are able to provide a high degree of customization across nearly all of our products and services, thanks to the profound expertise of our professional technical team. This enables us to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Our collection of offshore dedicated servers includes a wide variety of configurations, including servers located in Ukraine and the Netherlands, as well as 10Gbps servers, streaming servers, data storage servers, and GPU servers. Server monitoring and protection against DDoS attacks are both available at all times, every day of the year, for every one of our services. Please keep in mind that in addition to offering standard and customized dedicated servers, we also give customers the option of having us manage their servers. Offshore virtual private server hosting is by far the most popular service. EPIC VPS configurations match the performance of bare metal servers, and SSD VPS provides excellent value for the money. The bandwidth that we make available to our customers is remarkably high-quality despite the fact that it is likely the most affordable option available.

The very last but certainly not the least important point to bring up is the Virtual Systems ( Private Cloud, which is designed to offer our customers an IT infrastructure that is extremely dependable, exceptionally productive, and rock-solid secure. It is important to note that Kubernetes is working in conjunction with our Private Cloud. It is highly recommended that you experiment with a combination that combines the adaptability of the cloud with the performance of a dedicated server in order to obtain total isolation of your cloud infrastructure. The streaming platform is something else that is important and deserves your attention.

The majority of customers are concerned about how quickly their data can be backed up and how secure their information is. How do you plan to deal with that aspect?

In addition to the ones that are specifically designated for DDOS protection, we have external channels with a combined capacity of 1.5 terabytes that is sufficient for the market (those are separated from the main channels). Our large team of engineers works tirelessly around the clock, actively monitoring server software and hardware, network equipment, providing expert customer and technical support, and tending to anything else that requires their attention.

Utilizing the most recent available technology is absolutely necessary in order to come out on top. What are some of the most cutting-edge technologies that are anticipated to make their way into the hosting market in the near future?

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by utilizing the highest possible degree of workflow automation; instant deployment of dedicated servers from stock and automatic network route optimization are two examples of this. In contrast, Cloud Solutions and Kubernetes, further extended by soon-coming CDN and existing Streaming solutions in our portfolio, really makes us highly competitive in the contemporary market, putting us ahead of our competitors by a significant margin.

While perusing your website, we discovered that you have something called a “reseller partnership” available for interested parties. Could you elaborate on what it is a little bit more?

We offer a simple opportunity for other businesses to become our partners and resell our services. There are no hidden requirements or unpleasant surprises; rather, we maintain an open and pleasant environment in which to conduct business.

In point of fact, a good number of our current partners have already taken advantage of this fantastic opportunity. whereas we are always interested in developing new connections and relationships that are beneficial to both parties.

A company must always be ready for unexpected surges in customer foot traffic. How do you go about dealing with this aspect?

Maintaining significant reserves at all times is a requirement of our policy, which states that we will not tolerate any unexpected occurrences. Regarding the technical side of things, the most recent peak should be lower than 75% of the most loaded uplink. In the event that it does, we will strengthen those uplinks. It’s as easy as that.

What are the most significant ways in which Virtual Systems stands out from the rest of the industry?

  • Personalized solutions for both dedicated and virtual private servers.
  • The most cost-effective bandwidth available in the market.
  • The most qualified technical specialists are always willing to go the extra mile for their clients.
  • Last but not least, our cloud-based services and products are more reasonably priced and frequently cost less than comparable offerings from competitors.

Customers continue to be most drawn to offshore hosting as a powerful selling point. Numerous benefits connected with hosting in offshore locations, such as anonymity, acceptance of bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency payments, and a content policy that is more lax, are proving to be quite appealing to consumers. Virtual Systems ( goes above and beyond the expectations of its customers when it comes to offshore hosting by providing superior technical assistance, high-performance hardware, and network uptime.

What are the goals and objectives that Virtual Systems has set for the next year?
When it comes to plans and objectives, we have a lot to take care of in the very near future:

  • A brand-new data center has been established in the United States.
  • CDN release within the shortest possible amount of time.
  • After this, an extremely promising launch of a brand-new open-source cryptocurrency payment processor is scheduled to take place.
  • Undoubtedly, fresh concepts ought to be floating around in our heads on a regular basis; however, ensuring the highest possible level of both product quality and customer service should continue to be our top priority.
  • In point of fact, we contribute some of our earnings to the support of our military, and it is likely that we will continue to do so after the conflict is over in order to assist those who are in need.

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Would you mind if I asked you something else about your products and services, or the web hosting industry in general, that you feel is important for our readers to know?

We take our commitment to the business world at every level very seriously. Despite the fact that we are not as large as DO or Hetzner, this enables us to be more flexible and cater to customers’ specific requirements. As a result of this, the personalized approach and attitude that we take with our customers motivates them to remain with us for longer and experience greater happiness.

There is no need to make a comment on the recent events that have taken place in Ukraine; however, those tumultuous times have not interfered with our work, and our specialists have continued to work in a selfless manner.

The trenches and embankments that were dug as a result of the fighting were a constant source of disruption to the optical communication lines. Despite this, we were able to avoid disaster thanks to our backup channels. It is important that you take note that during all of that craziness, we have not had even a single shutdown.

The fantastic news is that as of right now, both Kyiv and our servers are being guarded by one of the most powerful armies in the entire world. One hundred percent of our workforce has gone back to work. The majority of the damaged fiber optics have already been repaired, and brand new ones have been connected to them. Since this is the case, there won’t even be any temporary disruptions to the service when we switch to the backup!

In light of the information presented above, we would like to bring to your attention the fact that our specialists are able to work under any and all conditions. Our guarantee of error-free server work is not just a platitude; it is backed up by extensive, first-hand experience in the industry.